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We’re Here To Help

We’re Here To Help

RGV Business Builders helps you form or modify your existing business structure, establish credit, enhance your business credit so you may apply for the real financing you need to have the lifestyle you deserve.

Build business credit the right way

RGV Business Builders helps you grow your business by helping you create a business footprint that you can apply  for  real business credit so you can live the lifestyle you deserve. There are four steps in making sure that it happens quickly for you.

Build Successful Business Credit

Before you build your business credit, you need to make sure that the company you are building it upon is the entity you need to protect yourself from liability and maximize tax advantages. After signing up, you will meet with a licensed attorney to help you figure out the best structure for you now and to meet your future goals.

Business lenders not only want to make sure that you are a legitimate company on paper but when they search you online, your profile matches. They want to know you really are in business. Once hired we will do the necessary work for you to make sure you pass our 185 point inspection test.

Now comes to good part when you are able to start applying for starter business credit. This will help build your profile for when you want to apply for the real business credit you need to help your business.

We will help you monitor your business credit for up to a year with a monthly coaching call. We will guide you to applying for the real business credit that you need to grow your business.

Four Stages of Building Business Credit

Entity Formation and Evaluation

First we are going to help you make sure that your current business or the business you are forming is the solid foundation that you need to grow your business. You do not want to build your business credit on the wrong foundation.  You will visit for up to an hour with a licensed business attorney (Don’t worry – we are paying for their time for you)  The attorney will review your existing business structure and your goals. They will make recommendations to protect you against liability and lawsuits. They will give you a plan of action for the life of your business. Either they or we can help you change your existing business structure or form a new business. We may be cheaper though.

Business Credibility

Second, we conduct a business credibility test. We have over 185 points of data that we are checking for you. These are the same points that real lenders want to see to verify that you are a real business. When we find a problem, we will help you correct it by doing the work for you. We will make sure that you are registered with all the proper databases that lenders and creditors want to see you in. More clients will be able to find you online too. Who couldn’t use more paying customers?

Start Building Credit!

Third, we get to the good part of helping you apply for starter business credit that reports to Equifax, Experian, and Dun & Bradstreet. Using starter credit to establish a payment history allows you to apply for real business loans to help your business grow.

Your Accountability Partner

Fourth and final step to success is to monitor your progress monthly. We will measure your progress and tweak it a little when necessary. We will be your accountability partner to help you stay on track.

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